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WORTH, Rev. Dr. D. Scott; PastorFor What It’s Worth April Showers


Most of you are familiar with the old saying “April showers bring May flowers”.  The origin of the saying was birthed from a poem written by Thomas Tusser back in 1610.  Tusser phrased it this way, “Sweet April showers do spring May flowers”.  The location of this farming observation was in the United Kingdom but probably the April/May timing still rings true for many locations in the Northern Hemisphere (including Florida).


Despite the detail I have given you on this phrase origin – I would like to take the saying at face value:  “April showers bring May flowers”.  I wonder how most people hear it today?  Is it simply that one thing can lead to another?  That all things are connected?  Or is it received more in the meaning that the gloominess of one day can yield something refreshing and beautiful in another?  I am not sure which interpretation resonates with you – but I am drawn to this last one.  Sometimes in life rain comes.  A scurry around and grab the drying clothes off the line kind of rain.  A rain that is inconvenient and unwanted.  A rain that has ruined your planned day at the beach.  A rain that you are not happy has come to pass.


This is the meaning which I raise for your consideration.  Simply because, we all have those times in life.  The challenging chapters of life seem to come; and often while we are in the midst of them, we can see no good which can come of such an inconvenience.  But to we, who are followers of God – hope should never be extinguished!  In Romans 8:28, we are reminded by our brother Paul that “All things work together for good for those that love God.”  Paul does not say that all things are good.  They are certainly not!  As a matter of fact, you can probably name several things in your life that are just patently bad…period!  I get it.  But, Paul is saying that all things, even the really bad things, will eventually work out.  That God, being God, is able to bring all the frayed edges of life together into some masterful tapestry at the end of time.  I think Paul is right on the money here!  Paul is not simply being Pollyannaish.  God really can and will work all things together.  So, when you find yourself in the midst of a storm – go ahead and remind yourself that the God who created all things can also bring all things together in the end.  When you are in the storm, it may not make any sense.  It may just feel like a rainy day.  But God can take that rainy day and then tomorrow make flowers grow.  April showers bring May flowers…with God’s help that is!


Your Pastor,

                                      Scott <><