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 WORTH, Rev. Dr. D. Scott; PastorFor What It’s Worth  Our Stained Glass Windows (3 of 6)


(Below is a beautiful description of our stained glass windows written by
Pastor Sandy. You will find it a helpful tool for finding meaning in the
artistic windows which adorn our Sanctuary. Additionally, here is a listing
of all of the people from our church who helped in this long term project:
Howard Beardslee, Ann & David Bell, Bill Bixby, Bobbie Bower, Blanche
Broyles, Roy Compson, Shirley Conklin, Pat Gold, Bill Hayo, Sandy Hill,
Joann Keenan, Ginny Kopp, Keith Kopp, Jim Moore, Emil Pluhar, Bobbie
Ruby, Ray Smith, Brenda Stacy, Jack Striffler, Gayle Tolliver, Aimee
Wiegner, & Luzette Wiegner. We especially recognize Howard Beardslee,
Roy Compson, and Keith Kopp who led each of the three stained glassmaking
groups.) Please enjoy this 6 part series…Scott <><

StainedGlass3“THE GOOD SHEPHERD WINDOW” – Window 3

John 10:11, 14-15; Psalm 23
This window is symbolic of The Good Shepherd, for whom our church was named. This window is the cornerstone for our surrounding windows, with its many symbols tying the others together.

The Good Shepherd is a faithful leader who can be trusted. He knows his own, and they know him, as well as his voice as he calls out in love and eternal hope to each one. The Good Shepherd has a personal, intimate relationship with his sheep. He yearns for those sheep who have strayed, and seeks to bring each one back into the
protective folds of his robe. He works for love, thinking unselfishly of his sheep, for they are precious to him. Our Good Shepherd chose to willingly give his life for his sheep – holding nothing back. It is the precious blood of Christ (reflected in his red robe), like that of a perfect lamb without blemish or spot, who was ransomed for us. And, it is his love, goodness, and mercy that carries home the wandering lamb, and whose divine plan it is to break and humble the hard heart of the lost through his touch. Our Good Shepherd is Jesus Christ, and we are his sheep.

Sheep lack a sense of direction, and are virtually defenseless on their own. They are easily frightened, and are basically by nature unclean & filthy – they would remain dirty and lost without the constant-tender-cleansing care of the shepherd. The Shepherd will catch a frightened or wounded lamb and gently, yet firmly, hold it to himself, or allow one to quietly graze beneath his feet. He remembers his own by leading them and by bringing them back together into the fold under his care – back into the family of God.

The Good Shepherd uses his staff to loosen a few large stones in a running stream to dam up a place, causing quiet waters to form for his sheep. It is used to reach down into deep crevices to bring his wandering sheep to safety, or to provide protection from those who would bring them harm.

The rock beneath the shepherd’s feet is a reminder that Christ is the rock of our salvation – our secure and lasting foundation. The church is built upon the rock; all other ground is sinking

The vine symbolizes the constant reminder that Jesus Christ is the vine, and we are the branches. All who abide in him will be like sheep to the Good Shepherd, living in fruitful union and intimacy with God. The vine, giving us life, stretches out to all the other windows and connects them together. The flowers depicted are a constant reminder of the brand new life offered when we accept the love and care of our Good Shepherd.

The halo rays at the top of the Good Shepherd’s head identifies the shepherd as Jesus, the Son of God. These rays of light and divine power emanate outward into the other windows, tying creation, baptism, communion, and resurrection together under his grace and presence.

The “Good Shepherd Window” is a memorial gift given to the glory of God in loving memory of Mary Lesser by her husband, Jim Lesser, and was the fifth window, dedicated on October 23, 2005.

Your Pastor,
Scott <><