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WORTH, Rev. Dr. D. Scott; PastorFor What It’s Worth
In Between

Today, I sat with an empty computer screen in front of me in the silence of… what was about to become, this article. In the silence, my tinnitus (ringing in the ears) loomed large. My tinnitus never takes a break or goes away but it can be occasionally drowned out by activity (while I am in midst of busyness and conversation). But then, as soon as things quiet again, tinnitus demands to be noticed. Today, for the first time my tinnitus actually became something useful! As I was waiting for inspiration (the ringing ears were buzzing away) I was reminded of my first thoughts on this tinnitus. It seemed like I was in a state of aftershock (like coming around following a car accident or right after a loud explosion) ears and brain just ringing and ringing from the concussion. And it is this period of time, following a shock, which
has become the analogy I will use to talk about our church trying to move through the crises
that has been Covid 19.

Let’s address Covid 19 and its aftermath in our lives (and God’s church). All of us stand in the wake of a pretty impactful 2.5 year Pandemic journey. Please note, I am not declaring Covid 19 over – that is certainly above my ability and pay grade! But, I do think that it may be safe to say that we are at an inflection point or transition point of some kind in this long journey. After all, whispers of labelling Covid 19 an endemic (from a pandemic) are being discussed quite frequently in the news. And that announcement, whenever it comes, will indicate that we are officially transitioning from calamity to something else. We are closer today to being on the other side of trauma and perhaps are well into a state which lies in between crisis and normalcy. We are “in between”. We are somewhere after a shock, yet also short of being back to life as usual. And it is this “in-between” time that I am attempting to lift up in this article.

Following any crisis, I suppose it is expected that we are bound to stumble around a bit as we try to make sense of where we now are and where we are going. We, as individuals and as a church, are smack in the middle of transition between calamity and normalcy. And I am certain that it always takes time to figure out any experience in this “in-between.” But, even more than time, it will take sheer determination. Some of you who have experienced a trauma to your body (like a knee replacement) or your mind (like a stroke) can attest to the work that needs to happen to get things back to normal (or what will become your new normal!) And, our time as a church in this “in between” will likewise take determination for us to step forward toward recovery. And I think this is the season we are in. And this is what I want to name as the point of my article. We are “in between”. We have experienced a shock but are not yet where we will end up. That is going to take time and effort like rehab for those working out a new knee or regular therapy for those creating new pathways of learning in the brain following a stroke. All of this will be hard work! So, let us set ourselves to the task ahead. If you are already involved in an area of the church ask yourself how we can take a step forward in that area as we navigate through this time of transition. It will take work but our mission is certainly worth it!

Your Pastor,

Scott <><