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WORTH, Rev. Dr. D. Scott; PastorFor What It’s Worth
Worker Bees

I took a walk back on our property this past week. I walked by a large tree and I heard a loud hum. I looked around and didn’t see anything at first. Then I looked up, and higher on the tree there was a knot hole where 40-50 bees were gathered. Some were taking off – others were returning. But, the noise was not only coming from those few bees at the knot hole. The hum was bigger than that. The tree was humming! I could only imagine that inside that tree was a whole bunch of bees making noise – beating their wings – perhaps to cool off the inside?…or some other reason these flying wonders have for such bee-havior. My point is that there was a whole bunch going on which was not in my field of view, and that it takes a whole lot of work to make a hive run effectively. This natural encounter made me think of the workings of our church. It helped bring to mind that there is a great number of things which are done for God in our church that is out of most people’s field of view. We have people doing all sorts of things from cleaning, to upkeep, to repair, to delivery, to watering plants, to visits, to card writing, to phone calls, to shopping for others, to wellness checks, to planning, to setting up events, to cleaning up after events, to bells, to choir, to chanting, to….practice of all kinds, to running A/V, to streaming live, to scouring the neighborhood for scrap metal, to monthly meetings where important discussions take place, to meeting with contractors. I could go on and on and the list would never be complete. The point I am trying to get to is this: Thank you church members and guests…for all you do. I know that much of what you do is behind the scenes and I want you to know that all that you do it is greatly appreciated! 
Blessings to you who labor behind the scene!

Scott <><