Pastor's Monthly Message

Come and See!

810 West Florida Ave, Melbourne, FL  32901

WORTH, Rev. Dr. D. Scott; PastorFor What It’s Worth Welcome

Even though it may not feel like it – summer will officially come to an end on September 23rd. I know the oppressive hot weather does not seem to indicate the ending of summer, yet other signs are all around us: School has been in session for almost a month, vacations have cycled down, football has begun (Finally!). And during all this seasonal adjustment I am certainly hoping that we will also see more and more people showing up to in-person worship. And anticipating that will indeed occur… I would like to take this moment to prepare. Prepare? Yes, I want to remind all of us to be overtly welcoming! Do you remember the first time you visited this church? Or… perhaps returning after a prolonged absence? A smile and an authentic greeting from another person makes all the difference
in the world.

When you came to PCGS were you greeted with a smile? A handshake?…not just at the front door but also while you found your way to a seat. Did other people show that they were happy you had come? Those same things that were important to you – are probably important to a lot of other people as well! So, as we begin another season of the year I would like to remind us all to be overtly welcoming! After all, this is not just our individual church’s welcome that we are expressing to others…it is the welcome of God – which obviously should be profound, and deep, rich and genuine. It is a welcome that is like a shepherd who proactively goes out to find a lost sheep. It is a welcome that is like a father running out to a prodigal son. (By the way don’t run out to a new guest getting out of their car in the parking lot – they will just think you are weird)…but the sentiment of communicating a welcoming joy…is so important.

So this is friendly reminder…to not assume that everyone just feels welcome – it takes a little intentional effort. Here are some things you can be intentional about: 1. When you see someone you don’t know introduce yourself. If you forgot someone’s name go ahead and ask. 2. Wear your nametag. We wear nametags to be helpful to other people. 3. Try sitting in different places so you can meet different people (I know that sounds crazy!). 4. Invite a visitor or someone you do not know to sit with you. 5. Don’t ask, “Is this your first time?” Instead, just introduce yourself and say that you are glad that they are here. 6. Say hello to a few people you don’t know – before spending time with
your good friends.
Blessings to you, as you communicate God’s love for everyone through authentic welcome, in the weeks and months to come. 

Blessings everyone…


Your Pastor,

Scott <><