Ministry Teams

Praising Team

Praising God through weekly worship and special occasions"

We ensure that the Church has regular CAYA (Come As You Are) and Sanctuary service. We make sure the elements for Communion services are prepared with Elders and Deacons to serve in both the CAYA and Sanctuary services. We make sure that the lay readers are appointed as well as a speaker for the children's message. We are also responsible for: 

  • Ushering
  • Continuing music program.
  • Filling the pulpit when the Pastor is absent, ensuring all matter related to the service are taken care of.
  • Managing the candles in the Sanctuary.
  • Maintaining all décor related to worship in church.
  • Coordinating Lenten lunches.
  • Reaching out to and welcoming any group that visits the Church.
  • Working closely with the Connecting Team for "Special Sundays". 

Connecting Team

"Connecting our community, as one, through Christ's love"

Organizing Team

"Organizing and facilitating the stewardship of our property, talents and work together"

Our Ministry of Organizing team is responsible for many diverse areas within our church. We probably have a way for each of you to serve the congregation with your unique talents.

  • Audit
  • Budget
  • Church Finances
  • Endowment Fund
  • Facilities Management
  • Insurance
  • Memorial Fund
  • Net Presence and Web Site
  • Office Administration
  • Personnel
  • Stewardship Program

Growing Team

"Growing with each other in the stories of our faith and its implications for life together"

Serving & Sharing Team

"Serving God and His church with our time, talents and treasure"

Actions speak louder than words!  As Good Shepherds we reflect God’s love through the missions we choose to support. As Presbyterians, we support four annual offerings of the Presbyterian Church, USA:  One Great Hour of Sharing, generally taken at Easter, the Pentecost Offering, the Peace and Global Witness Offering, and the Christmas Joy Offering. (for more info visit: ) The Serving and Sharing Team is responsible for reviewing missions (Local and International), selecting a few to focus on each year, and educating the congregation on these missions with God’s help.   Recognizing that there are lots of really good programs, organizations, and projects, we keenly feel our responsibility and only make decisions after prayerful deliberation. For a listing of the missions currently selected for our support, visit