For What It’s Worth... 20/20 in 2020

“You can observe a lot by just watching.”….Yogi Berra

Observation is a very important skill to hone. Last Sunday, January 6th, Barbara Bayley mentioned that at the beginning of this year she was having cataract surgery. She said, amusingly, she strives to be “20/20 in 2020”. I really like that goal! Of course, she is talking about her eyesight and the hope that the cataract removal and new lenses would give her perfect vision. But, I think that catchy sentence can apply to so much more. So…I will steal it for this article.

I would like us all to strive to be “20/20 in 2020.” That is, let us all strive to be observant of God at work in our surroundings. Yogi said, “You can observe a lot just by watching”…let’s do that this year! Specifically, let us all keep an eye out for what God is already doing in our neighborhoods, community, family and church family and then join God in that movement. This year, in 2020, let’s be on the lookout for what God is doing in individuals, and in moments throughout the day - and then let us decide to lend a hand in what God is already doing. Let us take notice of God’s handiwork and then join God in whatever that happens to be. You see, God is not restricted to the formal functions of a church – God is working everywhere – and on more projects than we can probably comprehend. Our goal, (should you choose to adopt it with me), is to be observant of those things God is doing and jump on board. Be warned, this takes an open mind, and willing heart.

The need for us to observe is critical. In fact, back in 1995 - Rick Warren points this out in his very popular book, “The Purpose Driven Church”. In the opening chapter of that book Rick makes the point of trying to intentionally notice what God is doing…and then to get on board with it. He uses an analogy of surfing to help us understand (after all he is from California):

“Surfing is the art of riding waves that God builds. God makes waves; surfers just ride them. No surfer tries to create waves. If the waves aren’t there, you just don’t surf that day! On the other hand, when surfers see a good wave, they make the most of it, even if that means surfing in the middle of a storm.”1

Rick makes the point that God is already at work. Our primary job, as God’s followers, is to continue God’s mission in the world. Now, we certainly are already doing that in specific ways under our unified efforts as the local church; but this year - lets go even further! Let’s look for what God is doing outside of the organized church – you know in everyday life, in everyday people, in everyday occurrences and “chance” encounters. God is already there at work. Let us strive to be “20/20 in 2020” and become Salt and Light to a world that so desperately needs us to continue God’s mission.

1. Warren, Rick, The Purpose Driven Church, p13

                                                  Your Pastor,

                                                      Scott <><