For What It’s Worth... Fall Pumpkins

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Perhaps it is “bad form” to show favoritism to just one of our God-given four seasons - but the truth of the matter is ...I do have a favorite. It seems as October rolls around, I am always so ready for a little cooler weather. I do so enjoy, the needed relief from the weekly mowing of our yard as well as the refreshing cool breeze that begins to blow this time of year. It seems like biking, one of my favorite past times, is so much more pleasant in October than it was in July-September.

Fall, here at Good Shepherd Church, has recently come to mean the time of the pumpkin patch. Can you believe that this will be our third year holding the pumpkin patch! This community event has quickly found its way in our hearts and lives. My heart is strangely warmed when I see our church family come together to unload and sell those beautiful pumpkins. Of course, there is a financial incentive to holding a pumpkin sale - that is a primary reason we started doing it. But, what has stood out to me, these past two years, is the relational reasons for holding this sale. It is a beautiful thing to see our church family welcome and interact with so many people from our community. The pumpkin sale brings in more people from our community than any other event (with the possible exception of our yearly Jumble Sale). Yes, those new guests may simply be looking for that “perfect pumpkin” for their home, but now we have the wonderful opportunity to share God’s profound love through the way we interact with them. Through holding the sale, we communicate something about our intentions in this community. We communicate that we want to be relevant and connected. We communicate that our doors are open and that we really do want “outsiders” to feel welcome. We communicate that we care about children and families. We do that by providing an experience, rather than just a product. The preparation of the grounds in preparation for our pumpkin sale communicates that we love these little ones of our community with the way we set up picture areas and simple games for them to enjoy. I love that we do this!

This October, as we prepare again for the pumpkins to arrive, please consider not only helping unload those pumpkins but to also spend time with our neighbors in our community by selling them. And as you take the time to do just that - always remember just how much God loves each and every person that shows up to buy a pumpkin or simply to just take a photo with their child. Your conversations on that day may be the only reference point some will have about what it is like to be a part of God’s loving family. May God bless you all this Fall season!

                                                  Your Pastor,

                                                      Scott <><