Pastor's Monthly Call Message


For What It’s Worth… Celebrating Easter

Truly celebrating Easter means allowing Jesus to triumph over personal fears and give life to hope, creativity and care for others...Easter is "an invitation to break out of our routines and to renew our lives, our decisions and our existence," Pope Francis said during the Easter Vigil March 31 in St. Peter's Basilica. "Do we want to share in this message of life," he asked in his homily, "or do we prefer simply to continue standing speechless before events as they happen?"

It is not often that I quote the Pope, but his challenge is very fitting. Jesus’ resurrection is not just something that happened over 2,000 years ago – It is our continuing hope as we allow Jesus to infuse our very lives – in order that we may face our fears, trials and the ever present pull of worldly concerns. Through the resurrection, we are empowered to break the bonds of those things which try to hold onto us, control us: Power, Money, Addiction. If Death couldn’t hold Jesus down inside that tomb – why would we allow “lesser things” to hold us down in life?

The defeater of Death, Jesus - is on our side, empowering us to live Life Abundant. Easter is indeed an ongoing invitation for us all “to break out of our routines and to renew our lives, our decisions, and our existence.”

Your Pastor, 

Scott <><